The Background Extra

The Background Extra

The Background Extra

This is the story of 39-year old Sam Page, who has come back to the San Francisco Bay Area on a swashbuckling adventure to reap revenge on a group of old friends who stole millions from him and had him exiled. 

Sam had it all - a position at a successful start-up company, a great social life, and the world in his hands. Right before his company was to be acquired his friends on the board of directors had him fired and blackmailed him to move to Oregon. After over a decade of intricate planning, Sam is back in town to get back what is rightfully his from those he was once closest to, each of whom has become successful in his absence. 

The Background Extra is a hip novel that uses a lot of pop culture references in its humor. The best part is how the entire San Francisco Bay Area is used as a character. Sam finds himself at some of the most popular and unique landmarks around Silicon Valley, and the locales are necessary to move the story forward.

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