Novels by David Campbell

I've published three novels thus far and am working on my fourth. All are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and every other publishing site I can think of.

The Background Extra

The Background Extra

This is the story of 39-year old Sam Page, who has come back to the San Francisco Bay Area on a swashbuckling adventure to reap revenge on a group of old friends who stole millions from him and had him exiled. (More...) 

Thicker Than Water 

Finn Spencer was leading a charmed life – great job, loving wife, a child on the way. However, Finn had one secret he never revealed to anyone. He was the son of one of the world’s greatest hitmen.  (More...)

A Small College Town

This coming-of-age story follows Jared as he starts his college education at Wishon University, where he becomes caught up in illegal dealings around campus that end up putting him in a desperate situation of life and death. (More...)

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