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I have over fifteen years of experience creating content for a variety of websites, mostly in the online travel space. Below are some of my favorite works over the last few years.


As the United States started to slowly ease out of COVID restrictions I have been working on a recovery project to encourage travel within the country.  I am tasked with creating compelling content to tour states like California and Texas with write-ups of highlights and things to do at their top destinations.
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Top Deal of the Day

I write and managed a popular daily deals site that posted the latest offers from hundreds of companies, including Macy's, Gap, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and REI.
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Handpick Travel

As head of marketing at this travel search and deals site, I also produce the majority of public content. Here is an article about the top travel predictions for 2019.
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I was the lead content developer and project manager for the entire Wyndham vacation rental website, managing all SEO and content for over 100 properties all over the world.
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  Corporate Management Group

I created a GoAnimate video from scratch for CMG, writing the script, planning out the slides, and putting together the animation.
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Travel News

When the lines at the DMV were growing out of control I investigated what the new laws were and why people were scrambling to get new licenses before the deadline.
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Grand Hyatt San Francisco

I created all the content and assisted in the design for one of the city's most popular hotels, from hotel and room descriptions, special events, and a variety of SEO pages.
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I created a variety of content for a growing hotel startup, including press releases, blog posts, and SEO pages. Here is a sample that was picked up and posted on the Travel Agent Central website.
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Travel Blog Posts

Here is one of my most viral writeups, about an investigation that found where the majority of germs are found while traveling and where to avoid.
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I did some side work for a couple of entertainment sites. Here is a popular piece I wrote on some interesting characters' histories we didn't see from famous films.
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Heathman Hotel Portland

I created all content for one of Portland's most popular hotels. I met with the client, discussed strategy, investigated the property, and created content that raised search engine results 35% year over year.
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