David Campbell Screenplays

I've written some treatments for television and screen below, as well as adaptions of two of my novels.


A small group of despicable and offensive people reunites at a mutual friend's funeral. They spend a few days reviewing their objectional lives while struggling and failing to maintain decency during a traumatic time. (More...)

Bass Lake

A middle-aged bachelor spends a final weekend with his family at their cabin before moving across the state. He has to juggle family tensions, a frisky widow, a crush on a local butcher, a quirky relationship with his estranged teenage daughter, and the most interesting dog in the world. (More...)

The Interrogation of Abigail Clayden

A young woman replays the travesty that occurred to her and her boyfriend over the last few weeks to a police detective. This screenplay won the Fleder/Rosenberg Screenplay Contest at Boston University. (More...)

Thicker Than Water

Finn Spencer was leading a charmed life – great job, loving wife, a child on the way. However, Finn had one secret he never revealed to anyone. He was the son of one of the world’s greatest hitmen. (More...)


Join in on the adventures of an intense photojournalist as he hops around the globe digging out hard-hitting stories on the issues of our time.  (More...)

A Small College Town 

This coming-of-age story follows Jared as he starts his college education at Wishon University, where he becomes caught up in illegal dealings around campus that end up putting him in a desperate situation of life and death. (More...)

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